Friday, December 5, 2014

3rd Year (Final Year?) in a month!

Alhamdulillah, managed to come home. After 22 months (how I love #2!) being abroad, I don' t think I could go further coz life was just so stressful over there. I started hating people (best thing that I do in life), losing momentum in working, enjoy shopping excessively and literally I was out of mood all the time. November 6th 2014 has been the day that kept me waiting for so long. Booked my ticket somewhere in the mid year so it was a long hold up. And travelling home on a 14 hours flight with 3 transit was definitely fun. Didn't expect I was about to meet someone from uni. Sheila. Nice gal. travelled together from NCL-KUL. Something that I wouldn't do tbh coz most of the time I prefer to have my privacy but she was friendly and I didn't mind. Dubai was not that boring this time coz I opted to have food rather than just dozing off on the back-aching metal benches. Mushroom Swiss has always been my Burger King favourites. Recalled my school days that I have to save not eating at school and go for big lunch before tuition at Mr Raj. All tiring and fun days I guess. So yeah, I'm home. Been spending a lot of time down south in JB. mostly in akak's house in Batu Pahat. My research visit in NTU had been progressive but I could do more honestly. Well when your at home, you hardly do any work isn't it. Bet my lil effort here would pays a bit for next year work. And talking about 3rd year, GOD! That's so creeping me out. How will I complete my core work in a year??? Aihhhhh..something that I wish not to think during this holidays but still praying that I will be fine. Ameeen. At the moment, leaving me less than a month before flying again is definitely devastating. I want more time just holidaying rather than spending 5 weeks working and only 2 weeks off. Feeling homesick already, even when I'm at home ;( Hate this feeling..