Thursday, April 10, 2014

2nd Year

pejam celik..pejam celik..dah 2nd year..O M G..

i hade fun in my 1st year. definitely..spending time with new friends, B dtg UK..Cheroz..and having Ainnura, Hafez, Baiz..everyone makes me feel homey again. Alhamdulillah..rezeki ade teman2 semua..bile pikir balik..i did worked my as* off in my 1st year. mungkin sbb kwn dgn kakak2 senior jd terikot sekali style dyorg..dtg weekend buat keje..balik mlm2..takper la..its good i won't be too surprised with such routine later on..which sooo common for research students. i started in Jan 2013. was supposed to submit my proposal in 3 months tp delayed a month coz my sv still needed to discuss a couple of things before i submit. and the work literally started after i submitted. the feeling of a fultime researcher amazes me. even when writing this. well, i'm writing this in school now..for the first time ever..takperlah..after work hours..i like the idea that one needs to dig, dig and dig on something that he has been curious about. basically its everything for me that relates to soils, slope and UNSATURATED. yeah, that last word couldn't really stop me from reading anything on it lately. deeply in i put it at the moment..may Allah grant my love and passion towards ilmu without a limit. ameeen ;) so i practically enjoyed my rest of the months playing with Plaxis, getting help from all over until the end of the year reaches. Christmas. Boxing day!!! omaigod..its rewarding after all those can never treat me of the best part in the 1st year was Raya as nt la cte..

so kene sambung buat keje merepek kerepek..kerepek ubi dh abesss!!! ;( need to get restock dr sape2 nk balik msia..hur3 ;)