Saturday, May 11, 2013

Going Out Fishing

im so glad how i have destined to meet Asari, a cool Bruneian who studies in the same office as i am and a group of kakak senior; Kak Yaya, Kak Ida and Kak Niza. They're sporting and enjoy my jokes. Well, thats pretty lame how you liked to be accepted but still, its a fact. Spent time with them for a couples of gatherings already. And today was totally a funny one for us. We went out to South Shields which is quite far from the city center but with train, everything seemed so easy and fast. We were supposed to get on board by different stations and meet up in one coach but you know how fast the train is and we missed out on the plan and boarded in 2 groups but managed to reach South Shields safe and sound. Kak Ida renewed her visa and we head straight to the Colmans, seafood restaurant. The food was good and likewise, good restaurants always serves in big servings. Asari and I ordered like extra fish menus for us each that we ended to stuffed badly. Well, in a good way, Alhamdulillah. her3.. There were a few grand-unties over the next table who were sooo amazed with our appetite. Looking at how small we were but having such big meals. har3.. Malaysians, always amaze people with their appetite and local dishes. So i told them that the last time i came to South Shields was with Richard; my housemate and his best friend; Eff. We took a ferry ride which was free using the Daily Saver Metro ticket. It was just for a short trip but it was fun and they decided to get on board as well this time. I don't mind taking them to the jetty coz i know how close it is form the city but after that, i was not sure how to get to the metro station. On the other side of course coz the last time i came, we went the other way around.

 My first time going out to the beach with Richard and Eff from Whitley Bay-South Shields

BBQ with them girls..wajib ade sunglasses :D

Kak Nor with his eldest son..ade sorg lg..cute2 belaka..

Colmansss :)

Thats what i had..hur3

After a pleasant ride on the ferry, we stepped onto the land and start walking..the road was leading to left-right direction but i think there was a straight ahead road too but its didn't look that promising. So we took the right one and kept walking until we realized it was quite far already and we hardly see any sign leading to the station. i started feeling worried but kept my coolness by making jokes throughout the way and yeah, i managed to cheered time somehow. har3..what i love most right, entertain. So i decided to ask for direction from an old couple. the guy was trying to avoid at first but when they heard that all i wanted to ask was how to get to the station, they turned out to be so helpful especially the lady. She crossed the road just to show me where i should take the lead to. They started laughing and claimed that they already knew the way coz they looked up in the map by the road. Danggg..har3..

Terpaksa katenye :D panjat la bukit..hek3

  Tipah tertipu, tipu tertipah :D

We finally made it to the city which obviously the station will be around it and it was lovely i can tell. Saturday, and they had this Food Festival but we were so fulled so we just passed and headed to the Tynemouth Station. It was way lovelier coz i really adore classic and artistic goods as the Tynemouth Station actually has a Saturday market by the station. i bought a boz of cupcakes well becoz i was craving for them lately and to make them feel a lil ease after the long walk. Which i was to be blamed..har3..And we all had a good home-made ice cream which won something about the England best food..but the guy simply didn't understand that i wished for a smaller cone..not really becoz i was saving but becoz i was literally fulled..har3..we waited for the train. Boarded and still i made my jokes coz i enjoy loking at them enjoying my pathetic jokes..theres no other better way to make people happy than to make yourself happy first right. Laughter is the best medicine. So i bet they were fine but they will bring it up just to make fun of me soon..which i don't mind..her3..we parted different ways later but trully, i enjoyed my Saturday day out with them. Worth for my seafood craving ;)

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