Tuesday, April 30, 2013

£ 3.70: Busted!

So my curiosity towards the lady who asked me for the 3.70 was stiffened out by stories from my new Malaysian friends that i know now. They call her the makcik 50P coz thats what she is famous for among them. And how funny, one late afternoon when i was heading back home from school, i passed through the Robinson Library and i met her again. She was quite a daring lady to ask for money again from me. Maybe she didnt remember but i do think she did. It was a try-out for her coz i had given her a lot before, perhaps ill be fooled again she thought. I saw her and nothing that i could think of except for, "owh God, this fil*hy bit*h!!!"..mind my language but i was that pissed off. She came nearer and said "excuse me?" i gave a stare and replied with a "huhhh?" with my mouth close. And she asked, "do you have 80 pence?" I gave a prompt reply, "NO!" and she walked off and so did i..har3..i felt relieved, heart pounding..funny..i was not that naive boy no more..will change that from now on. i thought maybe i should have asked her back to return my £3.70 or even better just give a good kick or smack to the face. tp biar la..tak gune wat jahat kat org..bia org wat kat kte..so yeah, she a big ass liar who asks, not beg..just ask money and how she manage to manipulate people..'CONFIDENCE'. damn i hate being fooled..so thats the story..thinking of maybe to report this to the Unis Security coz she was lingering in the uni area..not a good thing..especially to internationals..might be a good move. till then ;)

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