Tuesday, April 30, 2013

£ 3.70: Busted!

So my curiosity towards the lady who asked me for the 3.70 was stiffened out by stories from my new Malaysian friends that i know now. They call her the makcik 50P coz thats what she is famous for among them. And how funny, one late afternoon when i was heading back home from school, i passed through the Robinson Library and i met her again. She was quite a daring lady to ask for money again from me. Maybe she didnt remember but i do think she did. It was a try-out for her coz i had given her a lot before, perhaps ill be fooled again she thought. I saw her and nothing that i could think of except for, "owh God, this fil*hy bit*h!!!"..mind my language but i was that pissed off. She came nearer and said "excuse me?" i gave a stare and replied with a "huhhh?" with my mouth close. And she asked, "do you have 80 pence?" I gave a prompt reply, "NO!" and she walked off and so did i..har3..i felt relieved, heart pounding..funny..i was not that naive boy no more..will change that from now on. i thought maybe i should have asked her back to return my £3.70 or even better just give a good kick or smack to the face. tp biar la..tak gune wat jahat kat org..bia org wat kat kte..so yeah, she a big ass liar who asks, not beg..just ask money and how she manage to manipulate people..'CONFIDENCE'. damn i hate being fooled..so thats the story..thinking of maybe to report this to the Unis Security coz she was lingering in the uni area..not a good thing..especially to internationals..might be a good move. till then ;)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kene Pau £ 3.70

Hurm..naseb badan, kalau kat negara sendiri pon dah kene bape kali, apatah lagi kat kegara orang..mmg muke senang kene tipu.. sedih..

Wednesday 3rd Apr 13. Hari yg berkobar2 utk balik awal sbb nk beli seluar tdo..setiap ari dok pk nak pakai ape utk tdo, so ingt arini nk g beli la seluar pendek wat tdo..4.20pm dh kemas beg..cam bese..aq la yg selalu balik2 awal niyh..antak la..aq dtg awal..so balik awal takder yg peliknye..Start dgn Primark, dpt la seluar satu.baju satu..warmer satu..nak seluar je..beselah..sale..Pastu g Wilko..beli tisu..G Tesco..beli brg yg ade off jer..yg ade bar tag kuning je..klw takder off, kaler putih. Well, what i love to do is collecting groceries. Beli yg sale.lame2 byk la, senang nak masak. Pastu g poundland. Semua brg 1pound. Cam kedai 2inggit kat Malaysia. Pastu balik..dgn brg2 byk..jln merentasi city..cam bese..Sempat jmp tablemate Dapo..and said hi. Dah nak smpi umah dah, kat Metro Jesmond, ade local lady ran towards me and said i need ur help. Malas dh nk dgr sbnrnye, tp dgr jdk. Direct je dy ckp, i need 1.80 for the train. Aq sengih jap. terus bg. Bg £2 terus. Pastu dy ckp, i need 3.80 for my friend too..Haram, mase tuyh dh pk kene tipu..tp nk lari camner.. Aq dgn muke naif, baik abes tanye dy, are you blf..chea..lying to me? Dy ckp, no! im going to take the train i swear. Aq sengih2 lagi dgn sejuk2 tuyh, dy boleh ckp, i can see that your loaded buying all these stuff. Aq boleh wat dunno..sbb dlm otak mmg pk serabot nk lari dr dy aje..So bg jgk..tgh bagi2 baru £3.70 dy dh lari pastu ckp thank you. Lege, jalan balik dlm 200m ke umah.

Balik call Ainnura, ngadu kene tipu. i even whatsapped my family saying the same thing. Tp ttw la..mgkn betul, dy nak duit..tp dari 1.80 naek ke 3.80..dh mcm tipu..Hurm..tuyh la org ckp, org sini lg kuat tipu helahnye..Sabar je lah..takder la rase rugi sbb mgkn dpt tlg org tp klw kene tipu rase bengang. Bengang dgn diri sdr sbb terlalu naif dan baik. I had the same for a couple of times back in Malaysia because of the same thing. I was so nice. Ye, skg aq tgh mule saving sbb nak ade duit extra..mane taw emergency kene balik Malaysia ke..so mmg jage2 la duit..dan mmg ye £3.70 takkan mempengaruhi dari saving utk tiket emergency tuyh tp perasaan mcm kene tipu niyh yg wat sakit..Katelah dy tipu, baik lg org2 yg dok mintak sedekah kat kaki lima tuyh wpon dy tak atau malas keje, dy tak menipu. Sebab aritu ade sekali, kdg2 tgk yg mude2 mintak sedekah niyh rase mls nk layan. When u can tell, that they can work. So lalu la dpn dy, i heard he said sumthing like, mate..bla bla bla mintak sedekah kot. Then i just passed through and tried to smile a bit but not looking. So i heard he was making a clear call, excuse me..excuse me..aq jln je jgk..dh jauh sket aq dgr dy ckp, bastard..Har3..panas ati sepjg mlm rase. Org dh tanak bagi, takyah la mara. Tapi klw ppoan td tuy tipu, dibanding dgn yg maki aq tuyh, baik aq bg kat yg maki tuyh sbb dy tak tipu. Hurm..cabaran, dugaan dan pengalaman hidup. Serba serbi sampingan yg aq nk belajar kat tpt org.

Kalaw pikirkan, kte nak semua org baik. So kurang, gado, kurang perang, kurang masalah. Tapi tak semua org mcm kte. Tak semua org baik mcm kte. Tak semua org boleh jd baik mcm kte. Kte pon, bile marah, pandai plak ckp, baik2 pon, guraw2 pon ade hadnye..So nt kte marah jgk, gado jgk..termaki ke..terpukul ke..So lumrah manusia. People change. Bg aq, ape yg aq boleh buat, aq cube jelah jd baik..sebaik2nye..tak dimata org, dimata Pencipta aq..yg plg penting, di mata aq sendiri..Sbb to start something good, something good that you want people to do, it all starts with you. Because to develop the people, the community, the nation, the mindset is what most important that needs to be educated with. Kalaw tak, manakan bisa mengerti apa yg perlu, apa yg mesti dan apa yg wajib. I can tell that most the people here are very well-civilized in terms of manner and ethics. Tp bab2 tipu menipu niyh, agama dyorg penekanan laen. Kte pon ade penekanan tp penghayatan takder so same je jgk. So to the local brit lady, if u really needed the money, aq halalkan..but if u do not, then its not my problem anymore. its between you and God. And trust me, theres only one God and His Messenger. Tbe2 lepas tulis niyh lege rase, td rase marah membuak2 rase kene tipu. Semoga lepas niyh takder kene camni lg, ameeen..i really dun mind helping people. At all. As long as i can give u what u may need, i will be there to help u out. After all, harta niyh semua milik Allah..Insya Allah..

*rajin plak tulis blog skg..sbb nk mengadu semua tdo :D 

Monday, April 1, 2013

1st Breakdown

And so it happened on Sofea's Birthday, my lil cute niece who is growing up so fast. Dah darjah 2 rupanye. Cik Jat silap..

So i slept the other night normally, after i finished writing my Methodology. The next morning, i woke around 7. Promtly performed my Subuh (a bit late thou) and felt a thunderous headache. i thought it was just a mild one and took 2 tablets of Panadol and slept again. i was awake by a massive and way extreme headache at 8. Literally, i wanted to cry, yeahhh cry baby! But hell it was painfull. So try to calm myself, and thought that it will go away. And no it didnt. So i went through my drawer to look for my NHS (medical) card and bummer, i couldnt find it. i had to check all 6 drawers i have to find that tiny piece of paper. Found it after i put myself together. Realized the reason i couldnt find it at first because i was indeed totally dizzy. I cant open my eyes. Had to put the lights off. Which i never done even when i go to sleep. Called my clinic and guess what? They were closed due to Easter. Dang!!! So i continued listening to the phone and they gave a number for NHS direct which an operator qualified with medical experience to  help you through the line.

A first attempt, a voice of a macho guy, funny coz most of the time it will be a lady to do this sort of thing. Har3..dang, I was in pain and still being judgemental. So yeah, continued, he asked indetail of my postcode, first name, sure name, full address and what was bothering me. I told about my headache and he passed the line to a medical nurse. She was nice and i can understand her accent easily. She said that i was just having a stressful moment that i need to rest a lot and theres no need to go to the emergency although i really thought i have to. It was killing me at the moment. Pounds and pounds of thunderous headache. And the line was cut off coz my battery died.

I waited for them calls but perhaps my battery was to low to take any calls. So i rang them again and i had to start all over again with the clarification of my details. The same macho guy picked up and made his own verdict that i might have to go for a 999 realizing how sever my condition was. I do want to get that kind of help but i thought that maybe i am not that sever even though i can tell my head was about to explode. So the guy passed the line to another nurse and this time i recalled her name; Clara. She was helpful but when theres an instuction that she needed me to do but i just cant get he deep accent. And she decided to get an interpreter; a Malay interpreter. How funny that they actually got one and the interpreter used a very formal language. Like "encik rase ade tekanan ya?" when i told her my answers in Malay, she had to translate them to the nurse. Har3..kelakar. And i understand everything basically. Until we reach to the point that the nurse actually wanted me to lower my chin to reach my neck. Laa, itu ke yg aq tak paham td. The lady translator was very helpful. I never knew they have such service. Wel the major reason was to the the info right and so they can diagnose my problem properly. How lovely. And there it goes again, the line was cutt coz i ran out of credit. So i waited and Clara called me back. Theyre very responsible, i can tell. So she just told me that i need to relax for the next 48hours, drink a lot of water, no chocolate, caffein, alcohol (duhhh), and put a cold cloths on my forehead and my neck. If i were to not getting better, she required me to get in touch with them again. So i thanked her and head back to rest.

Alhamdulillah, after resting for like the whole day, starting from last night 12.30am till 3.30pm, now i fel a little bit light but the dizziness is still there, as im writing this post. i really dont understand whatve gotten into me. i mean, i slept at normal hours last night and i didnt really put a lot of effort working since it was Sunday. But i realized this, i was so stressed out last Thursday that i went to the city and got all the chocolate my shopping bag can fit with and i think i had a little extra with the salt for dinner, the night before and obviously, its been a stressful week. God, it was painful. I plan to see my GP tomorrow and see what really happen to my body. Maybe a slight higher with my the blood pressure. Dugaan, abes satu hari tak belajar..and perhaps esok pon half day. Tapi kalau Allah dah nak bagi sakit, tak boleh ckp ape. Ade hikmahnye. im frustrated, really because i planned to read a lot today. But now staring at the screen pon rase silau, sakit mata. Maybe i just really3 rest well and work harder the rest of the days. It was very tense for the today. Especially when i realized that i had no one to go for when im sick. Kalau kat umah mesti dah cari Ibu. Or Ayah. They will at least give a rub on my head to soothe it down. I miss my family. Contacted everybody and all texts came back saying theres nothing more that i needed of than my rest. Jadi, rehatlah saya ;|    

My homemade sushi due to Jap cravings that i had lately. The dark ones were the spicy chillied clamps. Made this on Saturday but dont think it was one of the reason why i have my headache. 

This however, the sweet little things that drive me crazy :D

I have to care for myself more i guess after this wake-up call. Miss home :[