Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Talking about living abroad is basically towards the excitement of experiencing the winter. To be more specific, SNOW! kapas2 putih ais..jatuh2 melekat kat badan..2-3 saat ilang jadi air, basah..how cute ;)

The first few days, in fact weeks, when i arrived in Newcastle, United Kingdom. I always keep the friendliness of introducing myself especially in the Post Graduate Research office. Kalaw yg nmpk tak bz sgt tuyh, boleyh g terus kacaw..kalaw yg mcm garang, moody, tension2 muke cam nk mkn org hentak2 keyboard baling2 kusi type laju2..tuyh tgu 2-3 mgu baru tego..har3.. But after all, they are all so nice so far. Yg putih, gelap, besar, kecik, tua, muda, berjanggut, botak, pakai tank top je..pakai baju ketat2 tunjuk muscle..semua ade dlm ofis tuyh..and one thing about them, they do work all the time..and ckp sikit2 je..buat aq pressure :D And they were surpised when i said i like the weather because they just cant wait to get the season over. "Its a new thing to me, to experience the snow." And they laughed. :D So i wanna talk about snow actually, the people here, next or next next post :D

As i stepped out of the plane, Emirates to be exact. Was so lucky to be in one.. The weather so bright and i can tell that it was quite breezy even thou i was still in the airport. It was a mild-chilly i could say..Dlm hati..tak sabar nk rase all those -ve temperatures. The immigration was easy, the lady officer just asked me few simple questions about what im going to study, for how long and she said, thank you bye. Unlike what most people had been said, how fussy they can be, mine was easy..perhaps due to how small the airport is, Newcastle International Airport. Its still international thou :D Owh, I actually met a friendly Malaysia, George, an MD working for the local hospital and he was nice. We met when we were int he line for the immi. So i grabbed my 30kilos luggage contained lots of herbs and spices, and a rice cooker :D and headed outside. I had a little panic coz i was looking for my documentation that states where my accommodation address is. And a beautiful local came, " are you occay???" with a very deep accent. Yeah, i am fine thank you and i found my letters. Har3 :D Asked her how could i actually buy a starter pack for phone line and they dont have it at the airport. Bummer. She suggested few shops that i may try for. And she showed me a public phone. OMG, dh berkurun kowt tak pakai public phone. Har3 :D So i went to the pay phone and realized i needed coin. Promptly i stepped into the shop next to it and asked wheter i can have a change. Unfortunately i had to get something and the balance in coins. So i did, a simple and cheap bar of chocolate. Made my way to use the phone and rang the accommodation office. Went outside and there you go, sejuk! So i took a cab that cost me 17pounds. The uni guide said around 15. Fair enough. And when i arrived, there were two large security in their striking fluorescent jacket waiting by the door. They were there for me! How wonderful. A good thing that i made the call earlier. So the lady security helped me getting in my house. It was big! And her name was Cristy. Lovely name for a well tough lady. Har3. So let me share some pics of my room ;)

 And i have to sleep for both beds :D

After settling in, i just couldnt wait any longer to go outside and get the starter pack for my phone. Went to the lobby and saw a Bangladeshi boy named Sajol. Friendly. He showed me the route to the city. and i was wearing only my inner warmer. Dang!!! it was damn cold. He told me to go to the post office to get one but they actually dont provide them. The lady cashier gave a help to find the stores anyways. She was very helpful as she went outside of the post office to give me direction which i found to be, takyah la beriya kan..u can just tell me the direction. Rupanye, they are like that here. How nice. If you ask for direction, they might lead you there or really2 will try to help you out. Sweet! So i went to O2 and got my number and BIS activated. Contacted my family. Relieved! ;)

I was supposed to talk about snow. So cutting on my registration day. Nothing much actuallym just a cute tall blondie helped me to get me a student ID which my picture turned out to be yellowish, but whatever, she was pretty and nice. Thats all that matters :D So after i got my card, I am officially a Newcastle University Student. Horeyyy! ;)

I entered Cassie building to register for my Post Grad Study and met Jullie, she contacted my main sv, Dr. Mo. Cool nickname ;) And i had to meet him. Was pretty nervous but he as welcoming. A warm one. Her3. He walked me to my office which i found so accommodating and i hardly think one will get that in Msia. But yes, he was nice. I happened to be so nervous that i didnt get to answer all his questions and he advised that i should relax and settle down and see him when im ready. 

To talk about snow finally, on the way to meet my sv actually, the snow came down, or felt. Whatever, stuff like that eyh! The small snowflakes felt onto my jacket and i was overjoyed. Seriously, at that moment, i really wish i can tell someone how happy i was or better, to be the all the loved ones to feel the beauty moment. I was emotional..for few secs. Happy. Sgt2..up till now..kalaw snow turun..sejuk je rase..dughhh :D SO that was my snow moment. Jakun jumpe snow tp lantak la..it was my moment. And the people here, semua tak sabar nk tgu winter abes. Biaselah, kte dh biasa panas, suke sejuk. Dyorg dh biasa sejuk, keluar je matahari, bertenggek semua kat luar cam burung merpati putih. Har3 :D So here i share some of the snow picture. Couldnt really get the ones because i was alone the frst few days. Malu nak suh org amikkan gmbr kan..gittew :D *nak ckp pasal snow je, tulis berjela :D

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last post; November 2012, now its March 2013..*perkara biase bile malas2 nak update :D

i believe this will be my first post that i am writing not in Malaysia, not during oversea's vacation, but simply; studying abroad and couple of years here: Newcastle! ;) God, how i love the English! there you go. i am and have been impressed with the people. And now i get to get into the real crowd. Not just when i walked pass through one or two European back in KL. So here's the story before i landed. i'll write the one after i landed next maybe ;)

i was supposed to fly before the 7th Jan so i can actually register on that particular date in Newcastle University, United Kingdom. Due to many unsettled matters, and with the permission form the uni that i can postpone my registration no latter than 28th, i decided to fly a week later and register the next Monday, 14th January 2013. The last 2 weeks before i left was so busy as i need to complete all the documentation for leaving. Borang tuyh, borang niyh..pening gle! ibu threw a party for me, farewell gathering which i actually asked for my friends to come and celebrate me leaving..darn! :D She did a wonderful job especially getting the seafood for BBQ. And all my sibling; beautiful sisters did their bit. Not just bit, but mostly like everything for the party. i cant thank them enough. Many attended especially the close ones..well, i only invited the really close ones after all sebab kalaw tak mcm kenduri kawen dah plak..tak sangka i have so many good friends..God bless you guys ;) Habis celebrate, it was time for me to get prepared with my stuff. Gi umah ayah, mop2 lantai buat kali2 terakhir pastu dpt rice cooker..hur3..and spent time with him, the whole idea. ayah was nice. i remembered going out a number of times, dgn kwn2 tp kurang spent time dgn ibu. Bummer. But i know i've spent time with her straight after my graduation of masters coz i've been at the house all the time. Two nights before going, i stayed up late doing the documentation still and maybe around 4am, i realized im about to leave in a day..and ended up weeping, called a friend, she comforted me. Thank you love. 

My departure day was extremely hectic with loading in stuff into the luggage, last minute setting up my online banking which i got scolded continuously. Har3 :D likewise. At the very last moment, mmg asyik kene marah je sbb niyh tak prepare, tuyh tak prepare. But i know it was all for my own good. i've never travel abroad alone. God knows how much at nerve i was. The time came when we had to get into the cars. Sofea mcm biasa la nak duduk dgn cikno and cikB dy. i dont mind. In fact, i had my own request, was to sit with ibu. Kyy and Abg Zlal sat in front and we left. The moment i sat in the car and held ibu's hands, whuzzssshhh! I broke into tears. i was weeping badly and i had to bid Iman good bye. He came and waited till i leave. And we all left Bangi. I continued crying, and hugged ibu all the way. i remembered ibu said, "ibu peluk anak ibu, ibu sayang anak ibu". Well, obviously that made me crying even worse. Mase tgh nangis2 tuyh la tanye Kyy jugak mcm2, bile transit nanti mcm mane, blah3..tp tgh nangis laju2 jgk.. ;| Sampai airport, terus tak nangis. Cover baik punye. *harooom :D We dropped by at McD, and everyone insisted that i have to eat like freaking a lot coz ill be damn hungry on the plane but hell no, sedih2 mane ade selera! ;( Sampai mase dah nk gi, my UMP friends came and my close buds; Anees, Nina & Liyana. How sweet. Pastu kiss n hugs session..klw boleh tak nak lepas :( Tibe mase, i took the escalator down..bidding them good byes..panic, sedih, risaw, takot, u name it. Semua ade. i cant tell how happy i was actually because everyone who was there, they were there for me. But in that happiness as well, lies a larger gap of sorrows. The thought of them losing me for a couple of years, and my thought of loosing them for years that i will feel way longer than ever that time can be.

i cant ever imagine my life without my family. They are the love of my life. Every single one of them. There's nothing more that i can ask for. They have always been there for me and i really hope i have been and will always be able to be there for them too. So here's the vid that Kno made for me after i left. i am so thankful that i have you guys. Love!