Sunday, November 11, 2012

Graduated! again, Alhamdulillah ;)

exactly a year after i got my BEng, i graduated again with a MEng. all my praise goes to you my dear beloved God. it was a rush, multitasking and a lot of risk-taking upon completing my course. i tot it was easy looking at my elders did theirs in a short period and acted like it was nothing. god, i felt the same when everything was over. thats how they and i manage to smile on our G-day, i think :D i kept telling them back then every time i entered the hall to watch their ceremony that, i havent even get my degree yet and you're already taking your 2nd scroll. luckily, i had that moment and got my lil sister whining about the same thing. har3 :D, thas life kiddo! up till now, its been a month after the graduation and im still feeling overjoyed especially to think back that ayah finally managed to attend at least 1 of our G-day. yeah, Ayah came! had many shots of camwhoring but il just post some here ;) alhamdulillah, its finally over, my license to join in the league of my elders ;)

har3, like this :D

le familia ;)

yeaaa..we always do this :D

bersama kakak2 senior ;)

 its all bout the smile babe, the smile :D

how i met ur mother version ;)

the companion ;)

jedi in the woods :D

with ibu pulak ;)

camwhore cam haram *wajid doh :D

hasil tangkapan dalam dakapan

thankyou family for a great day. luv u guys always <3 br="br">