Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 2012

clearly its been 3months since i posted the last entry, telling how bz i had been. study, exams, viva, MEng project-u name it dawg! semua bagai nak gile. and finally, i pulled thru all those hurdles Alhamdulillah ;) and In Sha Allah to take another giant leap to dig deeper into my field. Dear Allah, permudahkan segala urusan qu melanjutkan pelajaran untuk menjadi salah satu jentera pendidik generasi akan datang dengan cemerlang. skema! but its thru, thats one of my big dreams. I cant wait to teach but i certainly know that there is so much that i have to prepare first. October 2012, pretty different than other Octobers that ive had before coz i laze too much this time. so, hope the hard work moping around rewards me a good study plan later, amin ;) chaios

*merepek bout current routine. its what a jobless guy cud do best :D