Friday, February 17, 2012

Feel Again

i believe that in time my heart will heal again
and i believe that in time my heart will feel again
so i keep on holding on
so i keep on being strong

coz i know one day i'm gonna feel again
i know one day i'm gonna feel again
and i know although my heart hurts now
i'll find a way to get up off the ground
coz i know one day i'm gonna feel again

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Salam Maulud Nabi

Ku tahu cinta mu kepada umat..
Umati, umati..
Ku tahu bimbangnya kew tentang kami..
Syafa'atkan kami..

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Instead of going to this well-defined Bandung by many Malaysians as the coolest place to shop, ive been to many other places first and find it way better to suit my designers style. Har3, sounds so snob..yea3.but its true, Jakarta has it. Tapi utk sedapkan ati, il say that i did not have enough time to fine those shops. Obviously, 4 days can't cover up the whole 15million residents state that has the greatest (beautiful) Factory Outlets. Every thing has it own specialty.

Anyways, it was a good trip with family. Had my granny; cek to come along as she wished so much to go to Bandung. Dr was there and Ibu, Kakno & B. Unlike the previous trips to Jakarta, we literally rushed the shopping as the golden goal was to get as many stuff for Kakno's niaga. And I joined in but make my own exclusive collection. Har3. This time, I bought a baju batik, think it becomes a must for each trip just like i do that to buying a sweater. I got myself a knitted one and it cost for less than 20bux. Cool! A diesel tee with a hardcore motive which totally fit like skinned my body out. Dang! And a superb shorts by Scotch&Soda. I just love it so much that its surely a mind blowing..well to myself. Har3.

We stayed in a Guest House aka Hotel in the centre of Bandung itself. Not really a 5@4 stars hotel but it was cozy. Well equipped with wifi and the ac, i say it felt homey there. A centre garden in the building, typical and interesting design of Indonesian homes. I learned about the new local dish, Nasi Kuning. Tasted good and few other desserts of KartikaSari kek kukus + the super hot Slandok pedas. God i love that chips. Even wasabi doesnt taste that hot. A short 4days&3nites trip with family of shopping and hanging out, was just what i need out of my depressing months of classes, assignments and exams. Few days left for chilling out in KL now. ;) Glad i was in for the trip and totally cant wait for the next ones. Bet it might take some time coz il be super bz for the upcoming semesters.

*many pics arent viewable due to Viewers Discretion :D