Wednesday, May 11, 2011


dalam tengah rumah sebouk2 preparation K.Yaya & Abg. Zilal, aq leyh lak terbeli satu lg aquarium. these 2 goldies mmg lame dh tgk.. red head lion..comeyl sgt..mase kat kedai, setiap kali aq dtg..nt aq leyh gosok2 pale dy sebab dy naek kat water surface..manjeee ;) and so, these are my new 2 water family members..goldies

ade ikan kecik sekor maen2 kat atas :D

Monday, May 2, 2011

Belated Berry

feuhhhf..felt like cry!-ing..i did actually :D

23rd April '11, 2months passed over my birthday. my beloved family decided to have a birthday dinner in Tony Roma's. it was superb; the food and the surprising cute cakes at the end..came with the staffs singing a birthday theme. i blushed, literally and was a treat from abg shah. awww..sweet..

i was indeed craving for a new phone. getting a BB or other mates are like one of my plan to get 1. by telling my lil sis about it was a..i dunno a mistake? hell to the NO! was the right thing to do kowt..i never wish to get it for a birthday gift ok..coz i KNOW..its too much..thats why i cried..

so, back to the 23rd's..we were having fun celebrating akaks birthday..and me..rushing here and there with kakno & B b4 that getting some birthday gift for Sunway Piramid..a perfume and 2 baju, and kasut..dah penat2 tgk adiah tuyh..we plan to play Monopoly..with kak Maria..whom i made bankrupt last time..kelakar..dah la dy accountant..har3..

the big surprise Redberry, i was speechless, i couldn't open it..the paperbag got me overjoyed already..

and here's my adoring handheld..superb yeah..i have it along with a melkco leather has the coolest technology of a carrying case-power saver. once the front lit is closed, my BB will be put on sleep. cut on battery..COOL ;)

owh, mind for what ur seeing. i downloaded a wallpaper crasher thats randomly change pictures from time to time online. :D

okay..reminiscing the goodness of birthday, i got a PSP 2000 for last year and a Sony Ericsson 890i the year before. im blessed with all these gifts.

and why im posting all these, coz im a guy who appreciate gifts. to own it, its just like im buying it myself. tq family. i heart you, always. muah ;x