Thursday, February 24, 2011


so finally, im goin to talk about my tiring days(luckily, coz my sv has been pushing that il stay up to midnite) doin my practicals..

the company i chose was based on my interest of goin deeper with geotechnics. so currently, im stepping onto slimy mud grounds. i have to put on my Phua Chu Kangs boot which is fun actually coz it covers up to my that will help not to get dirty eyh..bluerghhh ;p

mind the body yearghhh :D

hurm, its crystal clear, so transparent and vivid that i hate sun-tanning. but for my work, i have to stand in the middle of the day, right under the scorching sun and wait..till the work is done. i dun do much anyways..har3 :D i wud just stand here and there and move a little bit and againg ang watch and learn, thats how i put it la. i prefer to do paperwork in the site office that is moreeeee relaxing; the cooling aircond..hell yeah!!! bile boz dtg, wat2 bz sbb tanak kuar..har3

bcoz of that, ive been labeled Paper my mates. most of the high-ranked people there love doin is..sucking up the bigger boss..well, it, out there and everywhere. u noe what i mean..because of that kind of traits, we have Concrete bender, Water Bender, Rock/Batu Bender and more coming up really soon as labels. har3 :D

This movie was directed by M Night Shyamalan, he's rite..

its fine..i mean the work, the practicals..but hey, im goin to further..thats a one point goal journey at the moment..God, please make that happen..tq

see the strings there, i was right under it and i didn't notice the putus incident coz i was bz chitchating..har3

p/s: i hate sucking up..its so euuwww..i did that unintentionally before and it was FUCGLLYYY..dun repeat that yourself..if u feel like hiding from your boss, find a crane and hide behind it..har3 :D

a lil secret..i use this every morning and topup by after zoho so i dun get burnnnnned
hell it works ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011


as i sat around the house, from living to my bedsheet, i felt the silence made the air feels uneasy. like it was a dead house. ibu as our IBU will be the busiest mother on earth from time to time. kak nana and her lil room. alas, i realized it was the absence of our by one, they disappeared( in so many ways). to get new ones, it has never been easy. asking around and i decided this time, it will be the aqua!!! and its adik beradik :D

to anees and siti, these are for my new waterworld family ;)

Sunny Day (as sofea would put it)

the whole picture of the master tank ;)

mr lobster yg kakak aq tak abes2 ckp nk goreng..ade 2 ekowr

raja waterworld qu..semua dy keja..

my 2nd tank..utk oscar aq yg besar..

After Sunset

both my tanks..cantek ;)

oscar alone

kiambang qu ;)

umah akak..

lobby2 :D

i love my latest keep u guys happy ok my waterworld family..
looking forward utk bela sea water family plak..kumpui2 duet duluw..
her3 ;)

a cute lil boy

i actually love weddings..the food, the people and especially, the atmosphere..i can feel the love!!! here's the story.

i went to unti latifah, ibu's bestfriend. the buffet was superb..ikan bakar..all sorts and i bet it was good simply because of org lame yg masak..i saw the couple; pak cik and mak cik..its understood what, old people cook great ;) hell yeah! my cek does.. after makan, we(my fam) came early so ade mase la nk pose maut dekat rumah yg sgt creepy tuyh..old traditional malay house with bali insights. while we were busy snapping here and there, my sis jumpe this cute lil boy..we dunno who the parent is up til budak tuyh sgt chomeyl!!! i love i was overjoyed..sgt2..

sofea dah macam kakak dah ;)

mesti dy angkat tgn utk pose :D

this happened when i opened up my arms and he ran up to me..wahhh..what a sweet kid ;)

ikan bakar yg membuat qu happy (tummy)

siblings -one

i was overjoyed, really ;)
and his name is adik, adik irfan..

Sunday, February 6, 2011


me and my bunga!

ape kew sebouk?
kah :D