Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Sad to the Town that Aged

Old Town White Coffee

I heard bout this story over and over from people and i did tell to other people as well over and over. So it is Gossip. I tend to ignoring it all this while until now its a Fact, to my believe. Old Town tastes good as it looks but don't fall to it easily. Lets see the toast and the rest that they serve..

Obviously, you'll melt! Not the toast.. ;p

Look at the butter!!!!! Its mouth watering..

Butter again!!!!!

Now look at the kaki katak!!!!! This the controversial Mee Goreng. Yikes!

It's true folks [sighs]. All we can do now is to make our very own toast. Lots and lots of butter and kaya. Check this out for a better view of the storyline.

So, no more Old Towns'?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uni Scenes Reminisce 09.10

* to whom who wishes that any of these photos to be removed, purlease state:
- name: (bukan name sebenar)
- reason: (at least 9)
- photos: (only choose 2 out of the many)


Attendees? Classified! Great thanks to sis ;)

Esso Bday Bash


Masih lapar ilmu dan bertenaga

Bile tak dpt jawab soklan..har3

Unconditional Match Making


Serious Site

While things go right

When things go wrong! ;p






RC Viva?

RC Diva!

English Camp i


A Clean Cut

3 years nearly pass, here in ump
what i've learned, what i've gained
~are yet to be seen~
all i'm asking is a clean cut at the end
a joyous day filled with bouquets and smiles
Dear God, make that happen!
thank you