Sunday, January 31, 2010


The Dr. said that my morning irregularity is
Because of the iced drinks that I always take
It is true but
Should I give up on ICE?
It's cold and its heavenly


Yes, Majlis Amanat Tahunan Naib Canselor UMP wajib pergi..
I know that
tapi kalau tak sihat
Tak dapat pergi lah kan
And why on Earth Klinik UMP tutup?
I need to get to the clinic asap!

Im in Love

Its $499 which will make it
1,704.33 MYR

I'm so in love, with an iPad


I never thought such iced milo could make my day turned into a hades
Starts with food poisoning and then..demam plak dargh..aihs
It's sick and it's so sickening
I need a rest and my PSM work will be put at halt
For the moment

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pii Ess Emm

Coconut Coir
Slope Erosion

How Do I Jumble Up Those To Make A Final Year Project?

Baik minum je..lagi best..Hur3